Does affiliate marketing work?

Does affiliate marketing work?
Does affiliate marketing work?

Does affiliate marketing work?

My first foundation view of affiliate marketing was hard to accept.

Why would anyone create an affiliate marketing program? Especially one like mine, which is a personal blog that people usually don’t get into. Well, at this stage, many affiliate marketing folks would tell you that affiliate marketing is when a product’s price drops from the original price, and an affiliate (which is usually a small shop or the business directly involved) links to the original purchase. In other words, every click made by an individual is actually a sale made to that business.

To prove that this works, let’s see how much more money my article was worth as an affiliate for, a top online trader which primarily offers used items. I signed up with the program using 4 different e-mail addresses, as follows:

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At the end of January, Bigstock offered 68 shirts ranging from a modest discount on the online shop from 20% to 75%. The shirts ranged from jeans to t-shirts, from smart casual to office casual. Although I chose “business casual”, all the shirts included 5-way stretch cotton and polyester. As I’m a self-confessed sporty person, I felt this article and shirt would suit me very well. The website displayed as such:

I joined the promotion hoping to get at least $3.75 for the book. There is a 95% confidence on offer, but as I don’t have a tip to offer, I got little more than a third of that. Let’s compare that with my other purchases from Bigstock, shall we?

The books I bought all included a scan of Bigstock’s logo in the wrapping (as shown below):

The chapters of the business books range in format from lightweight organizational information to technical business papers. Depending on whether you buy and read them or not, the buttons and overall feel will determine your experience with the books. As a quick change-over to shop me to Bigstock, I ordered “Strategy and People” which I chose to keep as it was. Although I had an opportunity to take both photos and videos of the book at purchase time, I decided against doing so as I felt the book would look more underwhelming in a photo. Another downside to this book was that the text seemed short, compact, and basic.


We see, all in all, that slightly longer books and books written for more technical people paid more as an affiliate. That being said, it’s interesting to see that small person earning large amounts of money from affiliate programs in America. Yes, that’s a side business for some people!


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