Do you have to pay for the fiance form in the army?

Do you have to pay for the fiance form in the army?
Do you have to pay for the fiance form in the army?

Do you have to pay for the fiance form in the army? I think back and what it must have been like for me in the UK and experience the dehumanizing shape the army has taken in its efforts to shape men into leaders. I know many good soldiers and I also have some inside of the military. I studied the military in college where I was commissioned as a second lieutenant and then reared in the army which taught me a lot of things.

I was trained in a variety of areas and some I have left behind. What I have learned since my reigns in the army is that soldiers are increasingly opposed to existing laws that are seen to be too restrictive and unfair. A couple of years ago I was invited to be one of the witnesses for the Atlantic Charter in the United States and this was a great thing for us to be part of.

We looked at similarities in both the United States and the United Kingdom, the connotations of democracy, it is based on equality and fairness. It is a continuation of the ideals that our forefathers spoke for. This is something that we soldiers inside the army recognize and are now continuously seeking through our training. Our main goal is to provide for ourselves and our nation at all times, and now this is a change that is happening thanks to innovation.

Since science has been able to better enable people with disabilities to move around, including moving our hands, eyes, and spinal cords, there have been many forms of technology created that were previously impossible. I know from experience myself using the Glaucoma Interactive Electronic Device. This is a monitor that is shown where the eye is and a five-year-old that has lived from infancy can play video games with the guide of this guide. It is just amazing to see people who could not walkable to still play computer games and at the same time be able to read visually and get certain information from them. In more advanced degrees, some have the opportunity to use eye special glasses that are better equipped for eye movement. It is not just the military that has benefitted from this invention, it is public sectors like doctors, lawyers, and nurses. Imagine the clinical and professional responsibilities that all of these individuals will be able to exercise.

I have also had the chance to train with soldiers using the Condition Records Electronic Recording Device. This is a handheld device that is able to store all the medical records of a soldier like his physical condition, health condition, special needs, etc. It is so much more flexible and allowing soldiers to remain in the army and work more effectively.

Our social development is key when considering our changing relationship with technology. The use of technology has had a positive impact when it comes to soldiers in our military. It has enabled men to be able to get to places they cannot be on foot. It is easy for us to access sites and resources that are otherwise almost impossible to access. Communication should always happen regardless of what we are doing or where we are. There is no sense in fighting where we are, there is no conflict and in fact, it is also something that I look for when selecting what form of communication I want to use during my job. There are just too many ways to communicate and I will be in control of our battlefield. Currently, there are plenty of ways that we can communicate and all are meant to assist us in our quest to deliver for the nation. I also want to argue that it is the men that get put behind and removed from the front line when it comes to battle. This is something that can cause massive problems for us as a nation. My view is this; we should embrace the technology we have and allow it to be a help, not a hindrance. We can learn more and help each other and ultimately keep ourselves safe from our enemies.

I believe that we will see more advancements in technology and it will impact what is being done, and the way we conduct our lives as both soldiers and civilians. Our lives will depend on how we can combine the ability to use technology to our benefit.


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