Bigg Boss 15 Day 83 written updates: Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Praksh share kiss through glass wall during X-mas party | Television News


Tejasswi Prakash lends ‘ghee’ to Devoleena and Rakhi Sawant for paratha in kitchen. Nishant and Umar mock Tejasswi for offering ghee to them but saying no to them earlier. Karan Kundrra is upset at Tejasswi for offering ghee to Rakhi and Devoleena and taunts her. 

Karan tells her Rakhi is a liar and cunning. However, the two get into an argument and Karan leaves the conversation before throwing the cushion and kicking sofa. He then tells her that while he has been trying to talk to her lovingly and sort out their differences, she has been very disrespectful to him. 

Abhijit Bichukale does ‘Sawariya’s towel sequence in the house. Rakhi, Karan and Pratik hilariously troll him for not changing his garments. 

Umar Riaz and Rakhi Sawant have a chat. She says I am neutral. Umar says Tejasswi Prakash is just pretending to support you all. He says this was Miesha Iyer’s style of playing. He says she has allied with Devoleena for a reason. Umar says Devo is not a strong ally. Umar tells Rakhi Sawant that Tejasswi is playing very smartly. 

Tejasswi jokingly asks Umar if he is making a strategy, which upsets him. He retorts to Tejasswi, but Karan jumps in her defense saying it was said jokingly. Kundrra asks Teja if she asked him about Rashami Desai and her. Karan says that she did so to know what was Umar’s priority in advance. Teja says that since Umar was not supporting her, she told Nishant that she would support him after Karan.


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