Battlegrounds Mobile India Introduces Permanent Device Ban Policy to Deter Cheaters

According to publisher Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) would prohibit users from using smartphones to cheat in the popular battle royale game. The new policy will take effect today, December 24, and Krafton will prohibit the use of devices that run cheating software. Cheating in popular games such as Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG: New State might detract from other players’ enjoyment. Unlike the previous policy of penalizing the guilty account, the device ban will be permanent, signaling a shift in how the game deals with cheats.

In a post on the game’s website on Thursday, Kraton detailed the criteria for banning problematic devices. “If the newly implemented security logic detects the use of unlawful programs with a mobile device, the device will be permanently barred from utilizing BGMI,” the developer added. Players’ accounts are frequently banned if they are using an unauthorized or modified version of the game, or if they use unlawful auxiliary programs that aid in cheating.

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Meanwhile, Krafton has been pursuing cheating users and has placed permanent account bans on them. It was recently stated that 99,583 Battlegrounds Mobile India accounts had been permanently banned for cheating over the course of six days. While banning an account is effective, banning a device (based on the device ID or IP address) stops cheating gamers from circumventing the ban by creating several accounts on the same device.

Krafton has taken steps in the past to reign down services that allow gamers to cheat, such as blocking PUBG: New State from running on devices with Developer settings enabled. On Krafton’s social media sites, gamers frequently complain about in-game cheating. The company said it will keep working to eliminate cheating, which includes the use of unlicensed software in the game.


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