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Sports and fashion have long been interwoven, giving rise to fads like crop tops and shoes but the modest varsity jacket is the only sporting fashion that has stood the test of time and Park Jimin from South Korean pop group, BTS aka Bangtan Boys, has only made us drool over this athletic style. While BTS are undoubtedly the best-dressed boy band ever, we are going to blame Jimin and his love for varsity jackets for inspiring our fall/winter wardrobe with this trend of sports-influenced style.

This iconic example of athletic fashion may be traced back to the 1865 Harvard University baseball team’s sweaters, which had a plain ‘H’ for Harvard, of course. The sweater has now been transformed into the varsity jacket we know and love today—woollen with leather sleeves and chenille lettering—after receiving a much-needed contemporary makeover.

Also known as the Letterman jacket, the varsity style dates back to the 1930s and the patches-emblazoned jacket traditionally symbolized the initials of the school or establishment an athlete represented. Are you looking for a varsity bomber? Here’s all you need to know about how to bring a youthful and casual vibe to any outfit.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Raghav Pawar and Amar Pawar, Co-Founders of Powerlook, gushed, “The return of the sport’s most enduring jacket is warmly embraced as many old fashions are making a reappearance. Designers used the traditional Americana look as inspiration for their spring/summer ’23 menswear designs putting their own distinctive twist on the jacket. Since the debut of these collections, celebrities have been seen wearing both new interpretations and old pieces on the streets and during fashion weeks.”

The jock vibe of the jacket or the possibility to customise it (patch anyone?) may be the reason people keep buying it. Raghav and Amar suggested, “You can wear it from the gym to dinner and even beverages later. It’s a bomber jacket. A varsity jacket can be something you want to have in your wardrobe if you’re searching for the ideal athleisure style. Globally, collegiate Americana fashion has crept into wardrobes. Varsity jackets are the newest preppy fashion accessory to have a significant impact off the soccer field. At the autumn/winter 2022 fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, varsity jackets were prominent. Models and viewers preferred vibrant vintage designs that were embellished with amusing emblems and appliqués.”

They highlighted, “The Philadelphia Eagles jacket that Diana, Princess of Wales wore on several occasions in the 1990s isn’t precisely different from the fashions currently in fashion. It is green and grey. The varsity jacket has a wool body, knitted cuffs with stripes, a leather chest patch and leather sleeves. Nowadays, fleece or cotton mixes are used to make the majority of varsity jackets. The genuine thing, though, would have made you think about your high school crush who joined the squad. A well-constructed varsity jacket is a pass-down item. The perfect weight of the wool, which should feel robust yet soft, is 24 oz (640 gms approx). You may show it off by wearing a pair of shoes and well-fitting pants. Always feel the most impact from the conventional approach.”

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