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‘Business Proposal’ actor Kim Min Kyu starts military service, reveals fresh buzzcut – Times of India

In a private ceremony on April 1, Kim Min Kyu commenced his military service, embarking on his journey as an active duty soldier. Prior to his enlistment, Kim Min Kyu took to social media where he shared snapshots of himself donning a military buzz cut, accompanied by a radiant smile as he saluted, signaling his readiness for this new chapter.

The images captured the anticipation and determination of Kim Min Kyu as he prepared to fulfill his military duties.Through his cheerful demeanor and symbolic gesture of salutation, he conveyed a sense of commitment and patriotism, garnering support and well-wishes from fans and followers as he begins this significant phase of his life. The ‘Business Proposal’ actor had captioned his post, “I’ll be back.”
Last month, Kim Min Kyu’s agency, Companion Company, had said in statement, “We would like to thank the fans who always give generous support and love to actor Kim Min Kyu, and we would like to inform you about actor his enlistment. Actor Kim Min Kyu will enlist as an active duty soldier in the army on April 1. No official events will be held on the day he enters the recruit training center. Please understand that his enlistment will be held privately to prevent safety incidents due to congestion on site. We ask for fans’ love and support so that actor Kim Min Kyu can diligently complete his mandatory military service and return in a more mature and healthy state. Thank you.”

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