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Did you know Bobby Deol complained about Manisha Koirala’s bad breath during ‘Gupt’? | – Times of India

Bobby Deol was seen as the next superstar in Bollywood after he delivered hits like ‘Gupt‘ and ‘Soldier‘ in the 90s. ‘Gupt’ proved to be a turning point in Bobby’s career, with its music playing a significant role in the film’s success. Starring alongside Manisha Koirala and Kajol, the movie emerged as one of the top-grossing hits of 1997.
During an interview with Filmfare at the time, Bobby shared a humorous anecdote from the making of the film, recalling a moment when he jokingly complained about Manisha Koirala’s “bad breath” while filming a romantic song.During a chat with Filmfare in 2001, Bobby reminisced about his experience working with Manisha Koirala in ‘Gupt.’ Although they didn’t develop a close friendship, he recalled shooting the song ‘Bechaniyaan’ where Manisha had to bite his chin for a scene. Bobby humorously mentioned that he encountered a strong smell of onions from her breath, as she had eaten chana chaat with raw onions just before the scene. This unexpected encounter made it challenging for him to focus on the romantic scene at hand.

Bobby devised a plan to play a prank on Manisha. He admitted to persuading a newcomer, who was playing Manisha’s brother, to eat onions before a scene with her. Bobby and the fight master convinced the newcomer that onions were beneficial for concentration and acting. They instructed him to breathe heavily with onion breath during the scene. However, to their disappointment, Manisha didn’t react at all, and their prank failed to elicit the desired response.

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Bobby had previously disclosed that he was dancing with a broken leg during the filming of the song. In an earlier conversation with Hindustan Times, Bobby revealed that he fractured his leg while shooting the song, leading the choreographers to devise steps where he could only move his hands without moving his body. He mentioned, “Chinni and Rekha Prakash ji created those hand movements for me, which later became popular as ‘Bobby Deol’s style.”

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