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Lee Sun-kyun acknowledged success in FINAL interview before drug case controversy: I’ve become more successful than I’d ever imagined – Times of India

As K-drama fans around the world mourns the sudden and tragic demise of acclaimed actor Lee Sun-kyun by apparent suicide, News Magazine Chicago unveiled their last recorded interview with the late actor, just days before he got embroiled in a drug case controversy.
At a time when fans, film stars and industry insiders are still reeling in shock over his untimely passing, the magazine released their final interview with the late star, who had shared his thoughts about his career, the remarkable success he achieved and his plans to ‘make more films’.
Acknowledging his success over the past years, Lee Sun-kyun candidly said, “I’ve become more successful than I’d ever imagined. I’ve experienced something that I’ve never even dared to dream of.”The ‘Parasite’ star reminisced his time at the Oscars, where his movie created history by becoming the first non-english film to win Best Picture. “I got to go to the Academy Awards and even won an award, and received applause from Hollywood celebrities. It still feels like a dream being at the Academy. I’ve really come a long way,” he said.
While looking back at his career and the many awards he picked up along the way, he said, “I believe I was given the award for constantly working hard and not giving up. So, it was very meaningful.”
When questioned about his aspirations for future projects, Lee Sun-kyun humbly replied, that rather than having big ambitions, he just wanted to continue being grateful and making more films.

In the final moments of the interview, the actor was asked, “What is acting to you?” Lee Sun-kyun reflected on his evolving process of being an actor. He admitted that while at first, he viewed acting as a form of homework, he said that it now feels like ‘writing in a journal’ that’s continuously evolving with each experience.
He concluded that his career should be something that he could look back at and think, “‘I wasn’t so bad so far. I worked diligently.’ So, I think I want to begin writing another journal.”
Lee Sun-kyu will be laid to rest in a private funeral ceremony on Friday. A special wake was held for him on Wednesday evening led by his wife, actress Jeon Hye-jin.

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