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Lee Naeun to make a comeback after 3 years with a special role in Ahn Bo Hyun starrer ‘Chaebol x Detective’ – Times of India

Former April member and actress Lee Naeun is set to make a triumphant return to the small screen, securing a role in the upcoming drama ‘Chaebol x Detective’. The news was confirmed by Namoo Actors on November 16th, marking Lee Naeun’s comeback after a hiatus of three years.
In ‘Chaebol x Detective’, an omnibus-style drama, Lee Naeun will grace episodes 9-10 with her presence.The storyline revolves around a third-generation chaebol detective, portrayed byAhn Bo Hyun, who combats financial battles with more money and power struggles with greater influence. Alongside him, actress Park Ji Hyun takes on the role of Lee Kang Hyun, the chief of the violent crime investigation team.
Namoo Actors officially announced Lee Naeun’s participation and confirmed, “Lee Naeun has decided to appear on “Chaebol x Detective. It is a celebrity role that appears in episodes 9 to 10.”
Lee Naeun’s absence from the entertainment scene since early 2020 was marked by the disbandment of her group, April, following team bullying rumours. Taking a hiatus from acting during this period, Lee Naeun eventually signed with Namoo Actors after April officially disbanded in January 2022. Her inclusion in ‘Chaebol x Detective’ signifies a fresh chapter in her career, and fans are excited to see her take on a new role in the dramatic landscape.
Scheduled to premiere in January 2024, ‘Chaebol x Detective’ is already generating buzz for its promising storyline and star-studded cast.

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